Aesynt acquired Health Robotics

April 3, 2014 – (Press Release Date)

Aesynt acquired Health Robotics

Aesynt, a leading provider of integrated pharmacy automation solutions for hospitals and health systems, announced it has completed the acquisition of Health Robotics, the leading global supplier of automated technology for intravenous (IV) medication preparation, compounding and dispensing. The acquisition of the Italy-based company signifies Aesynt’s strong, continued growth following its own acquisition by Francisco Partners in 2013. No financial terms were disclosed for the transaction.

About Health Robotics

Health Robotics provides integrated IV compounding and dispensing device and workflow solutions for hospitals and health systems with its i.v.STATION®, i.v.SOFT® and i.v.STATION® ONCO product lines. The company’s robotics-based IV automation solutions support more safe and efficient production of ready-to-administer IVs, thereby helping to reduce medication errors, increase medication throughput and lower costs associated with IV compounding and dispensing.

About Aesynt, Inc

Aesynt Incorporated is committed to continuously advancing medication delivery, offering integrated pharmacy automation solutions that help hospitals and health systems to support improved patient outcomes, build stronger businesses and manage ongoing change. For more information, visit

About Francisco Partners

Francisco Partners is a global private equity firm that specializes in investments in technology companies. Since its launch over a decade ago, FP has raised approximately $7 billion and invested in more than 100 technology companies, making it one of the most active investors in the industry. The firm invests in transaction values ranging from $50 million to over $2 billion, where the firm’s deep sub-sector knowledge and operational expertise can help a company realize its full potential.